Florian Zenker studied jazz guitar in The Hague, Netherlands, where he graduated in 1999.

After having lived in Holland for over 8 years he moved to Oslo, Norway, where he worked as a composer and guitar player before moving to Cologne, Germany, in 2005.

Florian Zenker has played with various international formations all over Europe, in Canada, Syria, Columbia and Zimbabwe, has performed on many festivals and can be heard on numerous CDs.

His group “Zenker/Kappe 4tet” won several international jazz competitions.

Besides compositions for his own groups and contributions to the repertoire of projects he participates in as a sideman, he also works as a composer for film, radio and TV.

Florians main instrument is the electric jazzguitar, besides that he frequently uses other guitar-related instruments such as a custom-made 11-string cittern.

For many years now he has specialized in the creative and innovative use of electronic effects to get unusual sounds out of his instruments, resulting in a highly personal trademark sound.


Email:    info “at” florianzenker.de

Tel:        0049 174 849 1107